Solarspot D-38, 33% better at transmitting light than the Sunpipe and 44% better than the Solatube.

Why choose Solarspot®

Simply put, Solarspot® will give you more light than any other system on the market. And not just a little more, you should expect a lot more light. In independent tests the Solarspot D-38 was shown to be almost 70% brightest than the Solatube 290 DS and even more than systems like those from Velux etc. Unlike some other sun tubes, the Solarspot is designed to meet the varying weather conditions that we experience in northern Europe. The dome and internal lens system, RIR® Light Funnel, is engineered to capture as much available light as possible, direct or ambient, without any artificial design barriers as found in systems where the lens is moulded into the dome. The flashing systems are designed to ensure a totally weather-tight junction with any roof type regardless of climate conditions. And a comprehensive range of sizes guarantees that there is a Solarspot system for you – whatever your project.

So what makes Solarspot the best solar tube you can buy?

The Dome

Size matters. Despite what some manufactures will tell you, the larger the dome, more of the light will be reflected away before it can enter the tube. This is why Solarspot systems have the smallest dome possible – just big enough to allow the Fresnel RIR™ ‘Light Funnel’ lens to stand proud of the tube entrance and capture valuable low level light.

The Fresnel RIR® ‘Light Funnel’ lens

By moulding a Fresnel lens into the dome system, as done by some other manufacturers, light will actually be lost. A large percentage of light hitting the dome lens is actually reflected away – and not directed into the tube as claimed. In fact, one particular system is designed to restrict ‘excess’ light entering the tube which is fine if you live in California but not much use in Northern Europe. That is why all Solarspot systems have the Fresnel RIR® ‘Light Funnel’ lens located at the top of the tube, within the dome.

The Tube

All Solarspot® systems incorporate Vegalux 99.7% reflective tubing to guarantee optimum light transmittance. In addition, the systems are designed to maintain the maximum available tube diameter within their designated sizes. For example, a Solarspot®  D-25 (250mm diameter) system maintains its diameter throughout the whole system compared to other systems that taper – thus losing valuable energy. This is one reason why a Solarspot® D-25 will deliver around 50% more light than any other 250mm sun pipe on the market.

The diffuser

Stylish and discreet, all Solarspot® diffusers are optically engineered to distribute light evenly whilst protecting against condensation and tube contamination.

The Range

Solarspot® manufactures a wide range of systems to ensure that there is a daylight solution for virtually every project. With five system sizes, an extensive range of flashings and diffusers, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.