Solarspot at Grand Designs 2017

Solarspot at Grand Designs

Solarspot Daylight Systems selected for revolutionary house featured on Grand Designs!

It’s been four years in the making, but we are delighted to be able to announce that Solarspot Daylight Systems have been selected by the architect and owner of this amazing building that is to be featured in the 2017 season of Grand Designs – Channel 4s flagship property show. In this episode, the house featured has 26 Solarspot systems used extensively throughout to bring in much needed daylight into virtually every room of this amazing building.

Location, location, location

The stylish and innovative build had to meet some extremely particular planning requirements, meaning that a traditional design and methods were unlikely to be approved. The first challenge was the location which is in the grounds of an historic site in South Hertfordshire. Because the site is in direct view from the building’s main tower the planners stipulated that the house should be as close to invisible, when viewed from above, as possible. This restricted the house to a single storey building and the roof would have to overhang the doors and windows. Both of these requirements, coupled with the multitude of large trees, was guaranteed to restrict the levels of natural daylight able to access the house.

Independent appraisal by BRE

Solarspot Daylight Systems were selected over offerings from Solatube and Lightway once architect Rogan Gale-Brown was able determine the systems’ superior performance after reading an independent product test report published by the Building Research Establishment (BRE). Rogan commented, ‘As with many of the products used in a building this technical, claims and counter claims abound. It was refreshing to be able to read an independent appraisal of the products without any protracted marketing waffle – a Which report for sun pipes if you like – that allowed me to know that I was specifying the brightest sun tubes for my client’.

Sympathetic roof flashings

Externally there were a number of challenges for the Solarpsot systems to overcome. The roof flashings had to work sympathetically with the innovative curved designed of the structure whilst the domes blended subtly with the ‘living’ roof sedum system. And inside, all five of the bedrooms had systems installed directly above the heads of the beds so they had to be fitted with electrically controlled dimming systems.

You may not be building a grand design but if your next project is in need of some extra daylight you can call us today on 0333 772 0137 for help and advice.

The spacious living room features two Solarspot D-38 units

All of the the bedrooms have Solarspot D-38 systems with electric daylight dimmers

Solarspot D-25 systems provide some much needed extra daylight into the long corridors of this grand design

All three windowless en-suite bathrooms are lit with Solarspot D-25 systems