Light kits

combining natural daylight and electric light

Electric light kits for night time use, and neater ceilings

Whilst Solarspot® Daylight Systems are designed to deliver the maximum amount of available daylight there comes a point that there simply isn’t enough external natural light to provide the required internal light levels. On these occasions, or at night, the inclusion of a our integrated light kit will enable your SolarSpot® daylight system to operate as switchable electric light unit – saving on additional fittings and ceiling clutter.

Combining beautiful daylight with electric light for night time


The simple 240v ES lamp holder inserts into the lower section of the tube to provide an all-in-one lighting solution.

D-25 landing aylesbury with integrated electric lightCaution: If in doubt consult a qualified electrician.



In the photograph on the right, the old electric  pendent light has been romved and replaced with an integral light kit with a low energy bulb. The ceiling now looks neat and tidy – and dusting the old lampshade in now a thing of the past.