Extension tubes

Vegalux™ extension tubes from Solarspot®

Solarspot® Daylighting Systems extension tubes are available in a variety of lengths from 200mm to 1200m. They telescope together to give you the required tube length to meet your install distance requirement – the distance between the roof and ceiling. The chart in our price guide shows the number of tubes you will require to cover the installation distance.
Capturing daylight from your roof top and pipe it down highly reflective tube into the room belowThe 99.7% reflective Vegalux™ tubing material used in Solarspot®Daylighting Systems extension tubes means that very effective light delivery is possible with tube lengths of up to 7 metres for the Solarspot® D-25 Daylighting System and 11 metres for the Solarspot® D-38 Daylighting System.

How much tubing do I need?

Measure the distance inside your roof space as shown in the diagram. Now use the chart below to determine the number of extensions you need.

DON’T FORGET – You will need at least 1 angle adaptor (unless you are just installing a simple system into a flat roof.
See the options for angle adaptors.
Solarspot Vegalux-extensions 99.7% reflective material, the brightest material available in the market today