Electric daylight dimmer

Solarspot® Solar-DimmerTM

Solarspot daylight dimming system electrical or manualA low voltage electric daylight dimmer is available for all systems within the Solarspot® range. All Solarspot® dimmer systems are designed to allow for complete control of the amount of daylight entering the room whilst minimising any daylight that might be lost through interference of the dimmer system within the tube.

This daylight dimmer fits into the tube, and the butterfly valve is controlled via a  wall-mounted ‘retractable’ pressure switch, thus allowing you to regulate the amount of daylight coming through the Solarspot® – from fully open to closed, or any point in between.

  • Variable position butterfly baffle with 30-second cycle
  • Perfect for bedrooms, offices, conference rooms – anywhere you need to reduce or block out the daylight
  • Wall mounted switch provides convenient control of the amount of light into the room
  • 1 year electrical component warranty
  • CE approved

Manual Daylight Dimmer

For applications where there is insufficient room in the tube to accommodate an electronic dimmer unit – flat roofs, vaulted ceilings etc. – we are able to provide a manual blind system to control daylight entering the room.

The manually operated blind needs to be opened and closed by hand so if it’s not within ease reach then it may not be suitable for your particular application.