Solarspot D-25

D-25 shower room Milton Keynes lo res.jpgSolarspot® D-25
250mm diameter TDS

At only 250mm (10ins) in diameter, the Solarspot® D-25 daylighting system is designed to fit between the closest rafters or joists and yet will deliver an astonishing amount of light – up to 75% more than that of its nearest competitors and at least 10 times more than a larger diameter flexible-duct system.

According to figures calculated using Avis Techniques 6/10-1836 and 6/08-1768, the Solarspot® D-25 achieves an efficiency figure of 55% compared to that of the Solatube® 160 DS which is only 35%. In real terms, considering the actual diameter of the Solatube®, the Solarspot would be delivering around 75% more daylight.

The Solarspot® D-25 lights spaces up to 12sqm and is ideal for;

  • Bathrooms and en suites
  • Cloakrooms and shower rooms
  • Corridors and lobbies
  • Landings and hallways
  • Dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes

The two pictures below clearly illustrate the massive difference that a Solarspot D-25 can make to your home. This bungalow hallway looked narrow and gloomy but now it it feels bright and airy thanks to the addition of a single D-25, 250mm diameter, Solarspot system. The unit was fitted in three hours and has transformed the space.

See this customers video

Prices for the D-25 start at £245 plus VAT for a flat roof system. Please call 01908 299117 for a price for your project.

Solarspot sun tunnel pipes in daylight into bungalow hallway“I can’t believe the difference the Solarspot has made to my bungalow…
Even on an overcast day, my home is flooded with daylight – I love it!”Mrs L, Letchworth

D-25 Shower roomAbove: An internal shower room is brightly lit courtesy of a single Solarspot D-25 unit.

Below: This north-facing kitchen has a large window and french doors but still lacked natural light. The two Solarspot D-25 capture light from the north roof and redirect it into the kitchen.

50% brighter than a Solatube 160 DS, Solarspot is the natural choice for daylighting any home.