Solarspot Accessories

Solarspot® Vegalux® extension tubes

Solarspot® Daylighting Systems extension tubes are available in a variety of lengths from 200mm to 1200m. They telescope together to give you the required tube length to meet the installation distance required – the distance between the roof and ceiling. Our chart in Price Guide shows the number of tubes you will require over a given installation distance.
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Solarspot 0-90 degree adjustable angle adapter, so you can go round a bendSolarspot® angle adaptors

Because no two roof or loft spaces are ever the same, Solarspot make a variety of tubular angled adapter sections to make sure your installation is as straight forward as possible. Most installations, apart from a simple flat roof situation, will require at least one angle section. If you’re uncertain of what you need call us on 01908 299 177 or contact your local installer who will take care of the installation for you.
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Solarspot® Light kits

To save on ceiling clutter you can install an electric light adapter into the bottom of your Solarspot system so that the system can be used as an electric light at night.
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Solarspot® Diffusers

At Solarspot we are proud to present what is probably the most comprehensive diffuser range available for any tubular daylight system. With a range of both circular and square diffusers there’s bound to be a one to suit your requirements.
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Solar-DimmerTM Daylight Dimmer

Whilst it’s great to have an abundance of natural light piped into your home there will be times when you need to control, or even shut the light out. That’s why we produce a range of electric and manual dimmers to give you complete control of the light entering into the room.
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