Solarspot SunRise solar ventillation - SunRise Round Flat Base Fan - For installation on any pitched roof, where south or west exposure is available.

SunRise Solar-powered ventilation systems

SunRise SolarLet the sun keep you cool

SunRise® solar-powered ventilation systems are the quick, easy and economical way to reduce heat build-up from solar-gain in virtually any building type.

The SunRise system is simple; a highly efficient 300mm extractor fan is driven directly by a photo-voltaic solar-panel located in a neat, slim-line unit on the roof. The brighter and stronger the sun, the harder the whisper-quiet fan works to extract the hot air at the top of the building. The system can extract the air immediately below it or be connected to ducting allowing for areas further into the building to be ventilated.

For increased control, the SunRise system is available with optional thermostatic controls, allowing the system to be de-activated when ventilation is not required.

SunRise Solar-powered Tilt Panel Unit with Flat Base - Panel can be tilted to maximize sun exposure. Panel tilts from 0 to 60 degrees in 5 degree increments.Maximising the available light

In situations where the roof angle or location is less than ideal, either due to angle or aspect, the SunRise system* can be set to capture the maximum available light to work as efficiently as possible regardless of roof pitch or aspect. The SunRise 1600 system has a solar panel that can be rotated and angle to the optimum position for the roof that it is located on.

Over heating in loft converstions

With house prices and the cost of moving at an all time high, more and more people are choosing to create extra liveing space by moving into their lofts. However, virtually all loft conversions suffer the same fate; over-heating in the summer. During the day the sun beats on the roof and windows of the house and all of the heat created has nowhere else to go other than up into the loft.

The installation of a SunRise Solar attic vent could irradicate this problem forever. As the  the strength of the sun increases, the whisper-quite fan extracts the hot air before it has a chance to build up, ensuring that when you return home your loft rooms are as fresh and cool as the rest of your house.

More than just cooling

The movement and supply of fresh air is vital for the health of a building. If a building is left for prolonged periods without any air movement the effects can be catastrophic. Damp, stagnant air can cause damage that can eventually destroy a building. The addition of a single SunRise solar provide enough ventilation to prevent the build-up of damp, stale air in buildings like holiday cottages which are left uninhabited for long periods of time.

Forget low-energy, this powerful, discreet, whisper quiet unit uses no energy other the sun to remove hot, stale air from all types of building

Forget low-energy, this powerful, discreet, whisper quiet unit uses no energy other the sun to remove hot, stale air from all types of building

SunRise Solar-powered extraction systems are perfect for:

  • Loft conversions
  • Holiday homes
  • Garden centres
  • Basements
  • Toilet and shower blocks
  • Mobile homes

In fact, any building that suffers from solar-gain or lack of ventilation

System specification

SunRise 850
11 Watt fan
max air flow 1440m3 per hour
SunRise 1050
15 Watt fan
max air flow 1782m3 per hour
SunRise 1250
20 Watt fan
max air flow 2124m3 per hour
SunRise 1600
30 Watt fan
max air flow 2718m3 per hour

Figures shown are maximum performance in full sun and solely dependent on available light conditions.

Solarspot SunRise Solar Powered - Flat Base Solar Attic Fan  For installation on pitched roof, where south or west exposure is available.The Sunrise system is available with either round or square cowls, and is available for virtually all roof types or as gable-end system with separate solar-panel and fan. There are also options for additional solar-panels to be added to enhance the system performance in sheltered locations.

System sizes:

Square cowl unit – 647 x 647 x 100mm deep (178mm high including flashing)

Round cowl – 660mm diameter x 100mm deep (178mm high including flashing)

Gable separates system – Fan housing 600 x 600 x 190mm (fan 300mm diameter) solar panel 584 x 482 x 38mm

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