Solarspot X-streamSolarspot® X-Stream™

The ultimate natural light and ventilation system for your building project

The X-StreamTM Airflow Blade Technology

The airflow blade design has arisen from 4 years of continuous study by Midtherm Engineering Ltd in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University. It has been designed to provide the most efficient air movement giving 20% less airflow resistance than traditional 45 degree pitched louvre blade designs. Following conclusion of the testing and design the X-StreamTM blade was patented by Midtherm Engineering in 2009 for protection in various countries. The Solarspot® X-StreamTM blade technology has been independently tested and validated through BSRIA airflow and acoustic testing at their testing headquarters.

The overall performance of the X-StreamTM airflow blade peaks at the precise X-StreamTM blade angle. Comparison of the X-streamTM blade technology with that of a bench marked standard 45 degree louvre blade shows a 45% increase in occupant comfort level, and 42% reduction in trailing edge stall pressure. It is clear from the results that the reduction in trailing edge stall is proportional to the increase in occupant comfort levels.

Combining ventilation with natural daylight

By integrating a daylight tube into the X-Stream unit, vital air movement capacity could be lost. It is therefore critical that the daylight tube included in the system provides the maximum light deliver without occupying too much of the overall system volume.

Solarspot’s unrivalled light delivery capabilities allows for the perfect combination of natural light and air movement.

The X-Stream Airflow Terminal – Technical specification

The X-Stream airflow terminal is essentially a fire retardant GRP passive stack ventilation (PSV) unit c/w plastic coated anti-bird mesh and is constructed to be used in conjunction with other devices such as openable windows, internal wall air transfer grilles and external actuated wall mounted ventilators such as the Midtherm ‘Crossvent’ unit.

The X-Stream air terminal can be used either on its own as a passive stack ventilator, as a stack with Solarspot units utilising Solarspot tubular skylights, as a passive unit with integrated solar powered boost fan for harnessing the power of natural daylight to run a power free fan unit or as a hard wired EC fan version. The solar fan unit is a durable and eco-friendly fan option that compliments the passive X-stream unit and further enhances building internal cooling and fresh air requirements.

Guideline airflow performance figures are; X-Stream passive system 200L/s, X-Stream c/w Solarspot D-25 120L/s and X-Stream c/w Solarspot D-38 100L/s. The X-Stream boost fan units would be 200L/s plus the input air volume of 170L/s for the solar powered boost fan and 280L/s for the hard wired EC fan version.

X-StreamTM MID2012 Automatic controls system

The MID2012 master control panel is manufactured as a pre-configured master controller and is able to run as a standalone system, or as part of a wider BMS led control strategy via MODbus RTU or similar. There are two types of wiring centre available which can cater for between 1 and 6 actuator drives. The system is fully able to drive and switch most applications including underfloor heating valves and on/off fan units. Each MID2012 master controller is complete with an in-built temperature sensor and can also be used with external Co2 sensors. Night cooling is controlled via either a BMS system or our 7-day digital time clock or annual time clock available for purchase separately.