Solarspot D-53 sun tunnels lights internal meeting room, which would normally be lit with electric lightSyneco Limited

Environmentally friendly products for the built environment

Solarspot® daylighting systems

With five system sizes and an unprecedented range of accessories, Solarspot® is the leader in daylight solutions for all building types. System sizes start with the compact D-25, 250mm diameter unit, perfect for lighting hallways, landings and bathrooms in domestic and commercial environments right up to the impressive D-90, 900mm diameter unit capable of transmitting light in excess of 30m and lighting areas up to 95sqm

Solarspot® LED – Intelligent Lighting Solutions

By combining the award winning technology of Solarspot’s tubular daylighting system with our new, super-efficient, actively controlled LED light hallows, a truly intelligent combined lighting solution is now available for architects and building designers.

Solarspot® X-Stream™

The combination of Solarspot’s unrivalled light delivery and the X-Stream™ passive stack ventilation system provide the ultimate natural light and ventilation solution. The patented technologies of both systems ensure that the required amount of ventilation is achieved whilst still maintaining the maximum light levels from one single combination unit.

SunRise® Solar Ventilation Solutions

Simple, cost-effective and efficient, a SunRise® solar ventilation system is the logical choice for removing hot, stale air from virtually any building type. The brighter the sun, the more heat builds up from solar-gain, the harder and faster the SunRise system works to extract the heat build-up and allow cooler, fresher air to be drawn in to replace it. Available in a variety of size and capacity options, the whole system works quietly and efficiently powered by just the strength of the sun.