The Solarspot D-38

Thinking of how to introduce more natural light into your home? The Solarspot D-38, the brightest natural lighting sun pipe system in the world, is exactly what you’re looking for!

The Solarspot D-38 left its competition in the dark when recent testing showed that its efficiency levels are almost half as good again as the next best system. The superior technology results not only in higher efficiency levels but also in more reliability, maximising on available daylight to deliver natural light into the dark corners of your home all year round.

Easy to fit and install between standard joists or rafts in your roof, the Solarspot® D-38’s discreet design can also be easily integrated into existing decor wherever you choose to install it – bedroom, bathroom, landing, hallway, living room, porch, study, kitchen…the list goes on, and there’s really nowhere that it can’t make a difference in your home! Even if the room doesn’t get much sunlight – it may be facing north, for example, or the windows may be shaded by trees – the Solarspot D-38 will be installed on the roof, making sure it’s always facing the source of light.

Previous clients have been amazed at the transformation, with the Solarspot D-38 delivering high levels of natural light even on cloudy and overcast days. Due to the incredible delivery of light, it is often compared to sun tube and sun pipe systems with much larger diameters, but its smaller size means it becomes even more versatile. If you’re looking to light up your home in an easy, discreet way with guaranteed success, look no further than the Solarspot D-38 system. Contact us today to find out more.

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