Solarspot Flashing For Your Roof

We can provide flashing for many different types of roofing, to make sure your Solarspot tube is weather tight, maintenance- free and fits neatly into the roof.


For flat roofs we have circular, spun aluminium flashing that can be installed in any flat roof. Versatile and easy to install, this flashing can be retro fitted into an existing roof or added as part of a new flat roof. The system is supplied fully assembled, which means the installation can take place in a matter of hours rather than days.


For slate roof with a pitch of at least twenty degrees we have flashing which features an angled upstand to raise the dome towards the sky. This increases the light capturing ability on steeper roofs, improving the performance and light absorption of the system on north, west and east facing roofs. For either shallower pitches or south-facing aspects, we’d recommend the parallel version of this flashing.


Solarspot’s angled plain tile flashing is ideal for roofs using small plain tiles at a pitch of at least twenty degrees. Again this has an angled upstand to project the dome up towards the sky, at the best angle to capture the most amount of light. For south facing or shallower pitched roofs we’d suggest using our parallel turret flashing.

For roofs using concrete profiled interlocking tiles with a pitch of twenty degrees, at the minimum, we’d suggest the angled turret flashing. Again for those with a shallower pitch or if the roof is south-facing, opt for the parallel flashing.


For all south-facing aspects or roofs with a pitch of less than twenty degrees we’d suggest Solarspot’s shallow-pitch flashing. Featuring a parallel upstand, this is suitable for all tile types. Seamlessly moulded to prevent any leakage, this ABS unit is one piece and is suitable for all roof aspects. We’d recommend this for all steeper south-facing roofs.


Curb-mounted flashing is the perfect solution for raising the dome beyond the height of standard flashing. Ideal for green roofs where the dome needs to sit above the height of the surrounding vegetation, this flashing can also be used on specialist membrane or GRP roofs.

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