When you need that little bit of extra light…

At night time, you may still need your home lighting up, but of course there will be no natural light to draw in from outside. Instead of installing more lights into your ceiling and making the space look cluttered, why not opt instead for our integrated electric light kit? This allows your Daylight Solarspot System to be used instead as a switchable electric light unit.


Easy to install, the 240v ES lamp holder inserts into the lower section of the Solarspot tube- however if you’re unsure, a qualified electrician can make sure this is done properly. The light still looks as smart and clean, but means you can rely on it to provide light whether it’s day or night!


You can also fit a daylight dimmer to your Solarspot System, allowing you to regulate the amount of daylight entering through the Solarspot. The dimmer fits into the tube and is controlled via a low voltage, wall-mounted pressure switch. A manual dimmer is also available for when there isn’t enough room to accommodate the electric dimmer unit inside the tube. This can still be used to control the light coming in, but can also be used to create a total-blackout. Ideal for bedrooms!


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