Lighting Maintenance

Often a lot of maintenance is required when it comes to lighting. Nobody wants light sources which are dirty and coated with dust so someone has to clean them. Someone has to makes sure bulbs are not coated in dust. Someone has to dust the surrounding fixture. Someone has to replace old bulbs as the older a bulb gets the less light it gives out. Dust has an annoying habit of floating upwards and to get to the dusty areas is not always easy.

Maintenance of old fashioned lighting is time consuming, expensive and to be quite honest, a bit of a chore. The cleaner has better ways to spend time.
Painting the walls light colours also helps light distribution but after a while you have to admit that magnolia walls do become a little boring.

There is another way of dealing with the problem and that is to install a Solarspot lighting system. You don’t need a duster every day, you don’t have bulbs to change and you don’t have to paint the walls boring colours as our systems deliver daylight evenly throughout your room. The system is virtually maintenance free.
Even on dull days when the sun is not shining, daylight is harvested from the roof, reflected down a tube and delivered into your room via a diffuser which looks like a sophisticated lighting fixture. Although we use advanced technology to do so, it looks deceptively simple.

If you would like to simplify your life please call us on 01908 299 119. We are happy to advise you on size, price or anything else for which you need additional information.

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