Cave Dwellers

Although our ancestors moved out of caves hundreds of years ago, it seems like many people have some sort of unseen force pulling them back to the past and to live like they did. Why else would so many people live in poorly lit homes when there is no need to do so? Many rooms are almost as poorly illuminated as what the cave men apparently endured – but they endured them through necessity, and nowadays it is definitely not necessary to put up with such a primitive existence, yet many people do!

Admittedly, our fifteen years’ experience is fairly small compared with the length of time that our ancestors lived in their dwellings, but during those fifteen years we have come a long way and made significant advances in providing natural lighting for both homes and businesses which would have left our ancestors amazed. In that comparatively short time, we have been busy developing the solarspot tubular daylighting system, which can transform a cave into a place flooded with natural light. It’s not dependent on weather conditions…rain or shine, the advanced technology harvests daylight and delivers it to transform and brighten your house.


Not only does the system maximise on using daylight, but it also reduces energy costs. Whether you want to light business premises or your own home economically, we can help you and give you advice on the size and type of system that will meet your needs.

Based near Milton Keynes, Syneco Limited is the sole distributor for solarspot tubular daylighting systems, and is linked to an extensive network of agents and independent installers who operate throughout the UK, enabling us to bring daylight into homes nationwide.

For further information, give us a call on 01908 299117 or browse our website to see the many and varied possibilities that can transform your home or business into a place bathed in healthy, economical light.

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