BRE’s Testing Of Solarspot

The natural lighting of a Solarspot sun tube uses advanced technologies and patented design to light up the home, ensuring that the maximum amount of light possible is delivered to those darker areas of the house, including windowless landings or hallways. But which product do you choose? We know that when a customer does their research, they’ll be bombarded with lots of information, lots of products and everyone will claim that their product is the best. So how to you find out whether one product is better than another? We decided to put ours to the test…

BRE are an independent, impartial, research-based consultancy, testing and training organisation who offer expertise in every aspect of the building environment and associated industries. Their name stands for Building Research Establishment, and they were the ones we went to see to get our sun tube tested against other leading products in the market.

We had our product tested against two other leading products and BRE’s testing and comparison, showed that the Solarspot was twice as efficient as the Monodraught SunPipe, delivering almost twice as much natural light. To read the report, visit our website and download the full document.

These light tubes offer beautiful natural lighting to help illuminate the darkest corners and rooms of the house, including windowless hallways and landings.

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