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Vegalux Technology For Your Home

Vegalux tubing -the most reflective tubing material in the world- is used in all Solarspot systems. Offering 99.7% reflectivity, no other material or technology offers as much as this. The tubing is comprised of anodised aluminium sheets with 3m Daylighting … Continue reading

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Do It Yourself

Natural daylight has a different effect to artificial lighting, adding a quality which stems from the characteristic purity of the light.

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Cave Dwellers

Based near Milton Keynes, Syneco Limited is the sole distributor for solarspot tubular daylighting systems.

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Expensive mistakes?

Most people are aware of the impact that environment has on production. A good, positive working environment has a direct effect on how employees act, on their health, and even how they learn….yet how often are they found sitting in … Continue reading

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Flickering lights

The answer to everybody’s lighting needs used to be fluorescent strips. Billed as economical and bright they seemed to fit the bill, but in all honesty, how many times have you entered a shop, or some other commercial enterprise, and … Continue reading

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Going away?

You don’t need extra hassle when you have a business trip coming up or when you are trying to pack to go away on holiday. Searching for the passports at the same time as trying to work out how to … Continue reading

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Overheating in the attic

As the family expanded and grew you may have thought it was a great idea to convert your loft into a living area rather than move house. Maybe you have converted it into a bedroom or games room and at … Continue reading

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Solarspot sun tubes for Commercial Properties

Sun tunnels can provide a cost-effective solution to dimly lit offices and commercial properties which will boost morale and productivity.

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