Overheating in the attic

As the family expanded and grew you may have thought it was a great idea to convert your loft into a living area rather than move house. Maybe you have converted it into a bedroom or games room and at the time it seemed a good solution to accommodate your need for extra space but the fact is that sometimes it can be unbearably hot. Hot air rises and don’t you know it! During the daytime all the heat from the house seems to collect in the loft space leaving you gasping for air and water. Particularly in the summer months the loft room becomes a hothouse- nobody can sleep well, tempers fray and the extension of living space becomes a bit difficult to live with. Maybe it would have been a better idea to move house!

But don’t despair. Sunrise solar powered ventilation systems have the ideal solution. We have developed an extractor fan driven by a photo-voltaic solar panel which sits in a neat unit on the roof. A fan takes away the hot air from the area directly below or via a system of ducts it can extract the hot air from any other area in the house that needs to be addressed. The more the sun beats down on you the harder the fan works, without breaking a sweat!

You don’t need to move house, you just need a ventilation system that will make the roof space useable all year round.

For more information about the technology or pricing browse our web site and give Solarspot a call on 01908 299 117.

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