Going away?

You don’t need extra hassle when you have a business trip coming up or when you are trying to pack to go away on holiday. Searching for the passports at the same time as trying to work out how to keep the home safe is not the relaxing way to begin a vacation.

It’s always a worry to have to leave a property unattended for any length of time. You can’t leave windows open and to rely on neighbours isn’t always practical. So how do you leave your home safe and secure without the danger of stale, damp air causing mildew to grow on walls and furnishing becoming musty? Deterioration causes extra expense and refurbishing of fabrics never comes cheaply.

This can happen not only to homes that are left unattended but also to holiday lets and nobody wants to let out a house, or even return to a house, that is smelling a little like a blast from the past.

Our Sun Rise solar powered extraction systems are the ideal answer as they neither breach security nor require constant attention. Not only will they efficiently circulate air whilst you are away, but they will also do it in a cost efficient way.
Using the energy from the sun, the compact solar panels sit discretely on the roof and come in a variety of sizes and different shaped cowl units to meet your requirements. The solar panel drives a fan which quietly maintains a constant air movement in the home.

To take the worry out of leaving your home unattended and unaired, call Solarspot on 01908 299 117.

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