Flickering lights

The answer to everybody’s lighting needs used to be fluorescent strips. Billed as economical and bright they seemed to fit the bill, but in all honesty, how many times have you entered a shop, or some other commercial enterprise, and been either blinded or annoyed by the bright light? Even worse, if the previous owners of your house installed fluorescent strips in your kitchen and they flicker on and flicker off, they do absolutely nothing to create a pleasing ambiance in which you want either to breakfast and start the day or create your culinary masterpieces. Finding the correct replacement strip when yours has flickered its last can be a further challenge. Maybe it was a good idea at the time, as there really was insufficient light…… but you don’t have to tolerate yesterday’s solutions to address today’s problems.

It is now possible, with the help of Solarspot tubular daylight system, to enjoy daylight in even the darkest of kitchens. The daylight is captured on the roof by a lens sitting inside a discreet dome on the roof, transmitting down a state of the arts reflective tube to a diffuser that sheds the light evenly into your room. This is possible to achieve even on days when the sun is not shining as the lens captures any available light…even on rainy days!

Although the Solarspot tubular daylighting looks simple, it uses advanced technology and will not only address your lighting problems but will do so without the need of constant maintenance and will help to lower your energy bills significantly.

To get rid of the flickering light syndrome, call Solarspot on 01908 299 117. We are happy to discuss your needs and can help with costing as well as installation.

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