Expensive mistakes?

Most people are aware of the impact that environment has on production. A good, positive working environment has a direct effect on how employees act, on their health, and even how they learn….yet how often are they found sitting in the dark, in an atmosphere almost Dickensian as they struggle to balance books or manufacture goods. It is an atmosphere where mistakes are easily made and mistakes cost money….and effect the morale of everyone from the managers to the shop floor.

Natural lighting and good ventilation will impact not only the staff but also the profit margins. Alertness instead of drowsiness is an obvious plus factor for everyone involved….and your staff go home at the end of the day more invigorated because of a healthy atmosphere and return the next day motivated to contribute towards the health and progress of the business. Happy, healthy staff enjoy their work, make less mistakes and become trend setters rather than a drain on the resources. In the competitive climate of today, your business needs forward movement to stay in business.

By using Solarspot’s lighting and ventilation systems you can help to change not only the staff morale but also your profit margins. Once installed the systems reduce the cost of your energy bills as they run on solar power. Maintenance is minimal thereby further reducing labour bills. Any expense spared gives your business that increased advantage which all increases your viability in today’s market.

For larger areas to light have a look at our Solarspot sun tubes which are pipes effectively delivering day light for commercial type properties. To appreciate how we can help your business needs and to ascertain which kind of system you require, please call us on 01908 299 117.

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