Vegalux Technology For Your Home


Vegalux tubing -the most reflective tubing material in the world- is used in all Solarspot systems. Offering 99.7% reflectivity, no other material or technology offers as much as this. The tubing is comprised of anodised aluminium sheets with 3m Daylighting DF2000MA film.

Some competitor systems may say they have up to 98% reflectivity, the reality is they may lose up to 30% of the original light volume, compared to around 6% in a Solarspot Daylighting System.

Flexible Duct Systems may lose up to 90% of the original light, delivering just 10%!

To explain why this happens, we look at the science behind it and the way different materials use the light. Every time light bounces off a surface, it loses energy (light).

When light enters a tube, it may have to bounce, for example, twenty times to reach from one end of the tube to the other. With every bounce, the light loses energy, but in a tube with Vegalux technology this loss is just 0.3% with each bounce. The next best material loses 2% with each bounce- and if the light is bouncing roughly 20 times, this really adds up, resulting in a lot less light coming down the tube to brighten up your room.

Vegalux extension tubes are available in a variety of lengths from 200mm to 1.2m. In addition, we produce a range of angle adapters to ensure a hassle free installation.

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