Transform Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are ideally places where you can go to either start the day off on the right foot, or escape the stresses of everyday life and relax. They should be places that are well-lit, so there’s no risk of endangering oneself – nobody wants to acquire self-inflicted injuries just because you can’t see properly! Men need to shave without looking like they have recently returned from a battlefield, and women need to apply makeup without looking like they have been involved in the local amateur dramatics. We need to have good lighting in order to perform these tasks and more.

Of course electric lighting goes a long way to addressing these needs, but invariably the lighting creates shadows, which don’t do a lot for our best laid plans for the way we present ourselves for work in the morning.

Not only do bathrooms need to be places where we can see well, they also need to be places that we can spot any lurking dirt and grime. To be able to clean and keep them spick and span, once again, you need good light.

Too often bathrooms are economical with natural light because they either have small frosted windows or don’t have any windows at all, which results in the above scenarios!


The bathroom does not need to be a place deprived of light. Syneco’s solarspot tubular daylighting systems gives the best solution available, and can transform a dimly lit bathroom into an aesthetically pleasing area flooded by natural daylight. Its advanced technology delivers the maximum light possible, in a low-maintenance and cost-effective way.

For further information call Syneco on 01908 299117, or browse our website to see more ways in which a solarspot system can enhance your living space.

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