The age of enlightenment

Over the centuries, we have had numerous different approaches to providing light in our homes. Even a hundred years ago, people were still using candles, and gas or oil lamps – lighting was expensive and in some homes considered a luxury. By the end of the Victorian era, electric light was beginning to revolutionise the home, encouraging people to do different things in the evenings, when traditionally all you could do was strain your eyes as you read by candlelight or simply sat in front of the fire looking forward to lighter evenings.

Candlelight was hazardous, oil lamps were sometimes smelly, and gas was pretty dangerous too, so today we are lucky that we can have electric light at the flip of a switch.

The lightbulb has had quite a journey since the late 19th century, and nowadays you can stand in front of display of light bulbs for sale and literally be dazzled, and maybe somewhat perplexed, by the variety on offer.

However despite the vast choice, natural daylight still offers the best kind of light, economically as well as practically, and with Solarspot tubular daylighting systems it is possible to flood your home with natural light. It’s reflected from a dome sitting on your roof, via a solar tube, to light your chosen room from a diffuser on the ceiling. Comparatively speaking, Solarspot tubular daylighting systems offer more light than any other product on the market, and make a direct impact on efficiency whether in the home or at work.

Maybe we are more enlightened than the early Victorians, but at least we can be thankful that they started to bring light into our homes. We can also be thankful that we now can enjoy natural light, in every corner of our house, thanks to Solarspot tubular daylighting systems.

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