Ring in the New Year with Solarspot

January is a time when everybody tries to turn over a new leaf. People make (and break!) resolutions for the new year, giving themselves a fresh start for the months ahead. This time around, why not give your home a fresh start too?

The winter months can be miserable, with cold, damp weather and long, dark days to endure for months on end – and if your home has poorly lit rooms, it can feel even worse. It instantly dampens your mood, making you feel less motivated – and when you’re trying to stick to your New Year’s resolutions, that certainly won’t help matters!

Help you and your home get a bright new start to 2016 by installing a Solarspot tubular daylighting system in any dimly-lit interiors. The system links a durable acrylic dome on your roof to a diffuser in the ceiling of the chosen room, via a reflective tube, to fill your home with daylight and lift your mood whatever the weather.

Solarspot tubular dalylighting systems are the most efficient light distribution systems on the market, with up to 97% reflectivity to help you take advantage and reap the benefits of natural daylight all year round. The transformation to any poorly-lit and gloomy interiors in your home is almost immediate.

Embrace the spirit of the New Year, and make a change to your home with Solarspot. The lasting effects mean better light in your home, a better-looking home for family and guests to see, and even a change in your mood to help you feel more positive and ready for the year ahead! Contact us today on 01908 299 117 or email us via our website, and let us help you get the year off to a great start.

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