Lighting For A Modern Business

The Solarspot Daylighting systems are ideal for lighting up the workspace. They offer unrivalled performance, adding a source of natural illumination to the area. The addition of such lighting can also significantly improve productivity in employees, through a sense of well-being.

Solarspot tubular daylighting systems also reduce energy use and carbon footprint, whether you’re adding them to a new build or an existing structure. They can also dramatically reduce building overheating from solar gain, while achieving superb thermal efficiency to comply with part L legislation.

The natural choice for architects and building designers who want to maximise the potential of natural light into new or existing buildings, the Solarspot tubular daylighting systems also offer increased security, using smaller apertures compared to traditional skylights. It’s also suitable for all UK roof types. The Vegalux tubing ensures the maximum amount of light is harvested and transferred into the building, using Solarspot’s patented light capture technologies.

For employers, natural daylight reduces absenteeism and ‘sick-building’ syndrome, helping employees focus, feeling happier and more comfortable in their working environment. Productivity is boosted and money is saved as less time is lost due to employees taking time off.

For more information, technical specifications and guidance on daylight solutions, please contact our support line on 01908 299117 or email us today!

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