Light for the night

The advantages of natural lighting are obvious, and you may need no extra persuasion to enjoy the benefits of a Solarspot tubular daylighting system, apart from one nagging question that you may have.

What happens when darkness falls? Daylight cannot be stored, so presumably you have to have the added backup of ordinary electric light, thereby requiring another fitting on your ceiling which you may think is a little unsightly and almost counter-productive. You still have to have light fittings and bulbs, and all the cleaning of those awkward-to-reach dusty areas that goes with them. Aesthetically speaking, it can be unattractive, and detract from the sophisticate- looking diffuser which is in place for the Solarspot system.

Flat roof kit lo res

We do admit that this could be a problem – however, we have an extra piece of kit available that can be placed inside the lower section of the tube, above the ceiling and out of sight. By inserting the simple lamp holder and a low energy bulb the SolarSpot tubular daylight system can then act as an electric light unit which you can switch on and off as you need.
This integrated piece of kit can be easily fitted, though it is best to use a qualified electrician to do so.

Your house is now easily and simply equipped with versatile and economic lighting, serving both day and night-time needs. Whilst maximising on the available daylight, you are still able to switch over to using electric lighting when daylight is not available, and the smooth, clean looks of the tubular daylight system are not compromised.

To find out more about this simple solution to night-time needs and how to enjoy an all-in-one system, give Syneco a call on 01908 299117 or browse our website for more information.

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