Keep your kitchen bright

The kitchen is often the hub of the home, and trying to prepare a meal or have breakfast as a family can be less than enjoyable if it’s dimly-lit and gloomy. Whether you are a passionate cook who spends hours at the stove, or you want it to be the place where everyone can congregate and talk about their day together in the evening, incorporating some natural light via a Solarspot tubular daylight system will really give your kitchen a lift.

A reliance on electric lighting isn’t ideal in any room of your home, and with a Solarspot system you’ll be both saving money and protecting the environment as you won’t need to keep the lights on all the time. The system’s unique dome, once installed on your roof, will harvest natural light with up to 97% reflectiveness all year round, filling your dark kitchen with much-needed natural light even on cloudy days.

Solarspot’s range of systems, with a range of sizes and options, are the ideal solution to bringing natural daylight into your home – not just the kitchen, but any room lacking light. From dark hallways to windowless bathrooms, we have transformed thousands of homes with our unique systems and left thousands of satisfied customers reaping the benefits of natural light in their homes. Contact us today on 01908 299117, or email us via our website, to find out how we can brighten your world.

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