Just how much can Solarspot do for you?

If you want more natural light in your home, but you either don’t have space or positioning for a window or you simply don’t want another one, then a Solarspot Daylighting System is the natural way to go. No other system will deliver as much natural light! Using light capturing technology, Solarspot funnels light in and then redirects it to where it needs to be, flooding your home with daylight.

With a choice of several different styles and sizes, you’re guaranteed to find a design that not only meets your needs but can blend in with your current decor, whether it’s installed in a kitchen, bathroom, hallway, landing, or any other dimly-lit interior. Solarspot systems not only distribute the light evenly around the room, but they work in conjunction with our Convas condensation lens, to ensure that they don’t heat the room in summer or let heat escape during the winter. The domes installed on the outside of your roof are made from hardwearing acrylic, rather than glass or polycarbonate, for consistently high levels of reliability, superior UV-resistance, and no risk of cloudiness or discolouration from exposure to daylight.

Solarspot systems are straightforward to install, with a guarantee of high performance throughout the ten year warranty. With its unique system offering 97% reflectivity, maximising on the available daylight all year round, the transformation of the dimly-lit interior of your home is truly incredible.

Why wait to reap the benefits of a home filled with natural light? Contact us today to find out how we can transform your home and bring light into your life.

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