Far from fluorescent lights

Fluorescent lighting strips used to be the answer that everybody turned to for lighting issues. Economical and bright, they seem like a good idea at first, but how many times have you entered a shop and been either blinded or annoyed by the bright light? Even worse, if the previous owners of your home installed fluorescent strips in your any of the rooms, they may have a tendency to flicker on and off, distracting you and creating an atmosphere that’s far from the pleasant ambience you’re looking for in a family home.

Finding a sufficient replacement, if you’re looking to swap out your fluorescent lighting in your kitchen or any other room in your home, can present further issues. Many lighting solutions don’t fill the whole room, whether due to their position or the shape of the room itself, and others simply cannot compete with natural light. Windowless rooms fall victim to this more often than not, having to rely on artificial lighting due to a lack of daylight.

With the help of Solarspot tubular daylight system, you can enjoy natural light all year round in even the darkest of windowless rooms in your home, with no need to rely on distracting artificial lights. A unique, durable acrylic dome is placed on your roof, and the daylight it harvests is tranferred down a state-of-the-art reflective tube to a diffuser in the ceiling of your chosen room. The tube has up to 97% reflectivity, meaning you can maximise on the available daylight and have it filling your home every day, even when the sky is cloudy and dark.

The Solarspot system may look simple, but it uses incredible advanced technology to transform your home into a well-lit haven filled with natural light. Not only will fluorescent and artificial lights no longer need to be used, but you can rely on your Solarspot for every single day of its ten year warranty, without the need of constant maintenance.

To take a step far away from fluorescent lightings and towards a bright future, call Solarspot on 01908 299 117 or email us via our website today.

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