Environmental and Economic Sense

When you are trying to balance your household budget, and you’re scratching your head over your expensive energy bill, you will begin to appreciate that it’s not just the eco-warriors and environmentalists who need to take the business of natural daylight seriously. Rising costs have to be addressed and some serious decisions have to be made. The quick fixes don’t add up, so sometimes it’s necessary to address the issues with a bit more of a long term perspective.

One cannot assess the cost in merely financial terms; one also has to think about the impact on your family’s health, and the long term effects of producing energy, especially in regards to climate change and diminishing naturally-occurring reserves?

Daylight, when harnessed, does not have a negative impact on the environment or to your health – nor does it mean that someone else is going without because it is being channelled to the wealthy, and neither is it the result of cheap labour.

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If properly used, it can not only boost the performance of most businesses but also promote healthier and happier staff, giving a knock-on effect to the families at home and their well-being. Used in the home, natural daylight is an economical choice that can play an important role in health and budget. The future will be better served by utilising it to the fullest.

There are many reasons why Syneco believes that this is the way forward for any progressive business and household. Syneco daylighting systems have used state-of-the-art technology, and in their simplest form they require just a dome to be positioned on the roof of a house. The dome encloses a multi-directional lens, which transmits light down a reflective tube to a diffuser neatly positioned on the ceiling – from there, it floods the chosen room with natural daylight. Maintenance is minimal, thereby drastically reducing the ongoing cost of supplying your home with natural light and avoiding what could have otherwise been a very expensive bill.

Call Syneco on 01908 299117 for any further information that you require, or to place an order to flood your home or business with energy-saving light.

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