Do It Yourself

Whether it’s needlework, knitting, painting, woodwork or reading, we as a nation enjoy indulging our passions and pastimes at the weekends, or whenever we find that we have time on our hands to enjoy the great escape from work.

Often we set out to produce great works of art, only to find that we are hampered by poor lighting. Lighting can affect inspiration as well as impact significantly on the end result. If you can’t see well enough then you can’t adjust the finer details, which might mean the difference between a project well done and a project exceptionally well done. No one who takes their projects seriously, and takes pride in their work, wants to hamper their creativity and imagination merely because of the lack of adequate daylight.

Natural daylight has a different effect to artificial lighting, adding a quality which stems from the characteristic purity of the light. It takes colour and form to another level, that impacts on the quality of our finished work.


Many artists go to sunnier climes to achieve this advantage, but that’s probably not an option open to most people every weekend when they struggle with poor lighting in a badly-lit hobby room.

One way to achieve a better quality of light is to employ the benefits of the solarspot tubular lighting system – it captures light by means of a lens which sits within a protected dome on your roof. It redirects the light by means of a reflective tube to a stylish diffuser on the ceiling of your room, which in turn floods the room with an abundance of natural daylight, whatever the weather outside.

Different-sized systems cater for different-sized rooms; to find out which size you might need to produce your works of art, call Syneco on 01908 299 117 and we will be happy to advise and help you not only with the costing but also installation.

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