Why Choose A Tubular Daylight System?

Solarspot’s range of system’s are all carefully designed to bring the maximum amount of light into your home where it would be impractical or too expensive to put a complete window. Dull or dark areas of your house can be brought to life and rejuvenated with the addition of a solar tube which can bring the natural light in. Size for size, no other system brings in as much light delivery as a Solarspot system.


When thinking about what system is right for your house, you need to begin by thinking about the space that you want to lighten. A hallway, for example, will require less light than a bedroom or bathroom. A kitchen or study may need more light, when thinking about the tasks done in that room, than a living room which is used to relax in mainly in the evenings.

If you have a particular large or long hallway, you may need more than one system, to ensure the even spread of light along the duration of the space. A Solarspot D-25 will deliver plenty of light to an area of fifteen square meters, so if you want a space is bigger than this well-lit, you may need multiple systems to achieve a good result.


With more ensuites and bathrooms ending up without a window these days, a Solarspot system can bring in the perfect natural lighting to the room- often bringing in more light than a traditional frosted-glass window would. For the perfect night-time lighting solution, you can add an integral electric light which fits seamlessly into the tube itself. The simple bar can be retro fitted at any time, and takes any ES low-energy or LED lamp. This can keep your ceiling space uncluttered and clean, the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom.

Rooms can seem dark and small without enough light, while the addition of Solarspot’s Daylight System can allow the light to come flooding back in. These systems can often be fitted within a matter of hours, a quick and fuss-free installation that yields great results!

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