Solarspot sun tubes for Commercial Properties

Solarspot light pipes can provide a cost-effective solution to dimly lit offices and commercial properties which will boost morale and productivity. Using the world’s most efficient reflective tubing technology, the Solarspot daylighting system ensures that the maximum amount of natural light is transferred into the room, reducing energy bills and providing a well-lit, pleasant environment to work in.

In Northern Europe we are often forced to live and work in buildings with insufficient natural light, creating gloomy and depressing atmospheres which limit our ability to concentrate.  By harvesting natural light, not only will you reduce the carbon footprint and energy use of your building, but you will also be creating the right  environment for increased productivity and well-being. Happy, healthy staff means less absenteeism and a smooth-running office.

Velux sun tunnels for commercial properties

Using sun tunnels to create naturally-lit rooms allows you to dramatically reduce, or completely eliminate the use of electrical lighting in your offices, drastically lowering your energy bills. Solarspot tubular daylighting also provides excellent thermal efficiency and reduces overheating of the building. Sun tubes are easy to install on all UK roof types and offer an affordable and secure alternative to the additional installation of skylights and windows.

Whether you are wanting to bring extra light to an existing commercial property, or looking for a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly choice for a new build or development, Solarspot sun tubes are the perfect choice for offices, retail stores, public buildings – anywhere where there is a lack of natural light.

For help with choosing the right daylight solution for your commercial property, get in touch with our expert support team on 01908 299117 or by email.

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