A free lunch

Once upon a time, saloons in the US advertised free lunches for those who bought at least one drink – but what the customers didn’t realise was that many of the foods provided were high in salt, so they ended up buying more drinks; hence the saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch! But is this really true?

Daylight is free, and there really aren’t any catches. Solarspot tubular daylighting systems can help you benefit from the free commodity. While you do of course have to install the initial equipment, such as the solar tube, the dome with the multidirectional lens on the roof, and the diffuser on your ceiling, after that the system is relatively maintenance-free! You will benefit from the many advantages that daylight has over electric lighting. It doesn’t matter if it is a dull rainy day or a bright sunny one, because the superior technology that the Solarspot tubular daylighting systems use means you can still enjoy the natural lighting in your house or workplace.

If you think about the impact on the planet, or advantages to the user, either way, natural lighting comes out on top. The supply of natural light is inexhaustible, and by harvesting the light through the Solarspot system there is no carbon footprint for you to worry about.

The user enjoys better mental and physical health from natural light, compared to flickering fluorescent lighting or the harsh white glare of many kinds of electrical lights which are installed in supermarkets and offices up and down the country.

Maybe the old adage is not quite true then, because once the system is installed, natural daylight almost qualifies as a free lunch!

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