Applications for daylighting systems


One of the major challenges faced by the modern workplace in recent years has been the quest to find ways to significantly reduce energy consumption. Faced with the prospect of rising energy costs, the drive to reduce carbon emissions and forthcoming behaviour-orientated legislation, many businesses are now becoming critically aware of their need to act. And the key areas where businesses can make serious reductions in energy use are lighting, heating and ventilation.

Solarspot® tubular daylighting systems are used in virtually all types of commercial and industrial building throughout the world. The addition of natural daylight to a building not only meets current demands to significantly reduce energy used for lighting, it also helps to prevent heat build-up from solar-gain and so helps reduce the cooling requirements – saving on air-conditioning as well.

Solarspot natural daylighting systems, lighting the workplace naturally...... saving money and carbon footprintIn addition to the obvious benefits of reduced energy consumption, lower fuel costs and carbon emissions, there are direct benefits to the occupants of day lit buildings that include reduced absenteeism, improved feeling of well-being (combating ‘sick-building syndrome’ and SAD) and improved performance and productivity.


A single Solarspot® D-53
system, with square transition
box, integrates perfectly with
the ceiling grid in this Milton
Keynes meeting room. The system
pipes daylight over a distance of five
meters and illuminates the room
during the day instead of using the
four electric ceiling fittings.