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  1. Brian P, Orpington says:

    Hi Chris
    Just to say that we are delighted with the job, I never realised it would give so much light
    Many thanks

  2. Chris from Burnham on Sea, Somerset.... says:

    … we had a Solarspot 38 installed on our landing on Saturday 7th May by Lee Booth and his colleague Sam….. First of all I must say that we are astounded by the transformation of our stairwell and also by the way in which Lee and Sam carried out the work in a friendly but very professional and competent way…
    Full marks to Syneco and to your installers……

  3. Elaine P, Suffolk says:

    Kiran and the guys did a fantastic job, hardly noticed they were in the house. We are really pleased with the result, the tunnels have made a huge difference to both the amount of light and the overall feel of the place.

  4. andrew peck says:

    Fantastic. Just had 4 put into our home. 3 in a mid house corridor and an internal office. They really do a brilliant job. We cannot recommend the solution highly enough.

  5. Paul W, Beeston, Nottinghamshire says:

    I had a very dark upstairs hallway and ordered a Solarspot solar tube to fix it. Despite my complex roof structure, the fitters did their very best to fit my new solar tube. They worked quickly, left no mess and it was all done in a couple of hours. Its extremely bright and has made a dramatic difference and I am so pleased! Thanks to Steve for the great job, and I would gladly recommend them!

  6. Rita L, Harwich says:

    Hi Chris, we are very pleased with the solar spot and are amazed at the light it gives. The installers (Horizon Systems) were very pleasant and helpful. I would highly recommend your product and company.
    Kind Regards Rita

  7. Stan W, Newark says:

    Following the day of fitting we had a bit of sunshine which showed off you product more than expected, so we are delighted with what was a very dingy area now transformed during most day-light hours not forgetting also at night with a good moon. I must mention that the fitters you sent (Steve & Chris) were very good and professional in every way, arrived on the time given the day before, advised us of what to expect and got on with it. Finished 2 1/2 hours later no mess of dust, packaging all condensed & ready to dump. They were approachable courteous and obviously got on very well together, they have my thanks and gratitude for a job well done.

    Regards Stan W.

  8. Irene H, Bedford says:

    I would just like to say how pleased I am with the Solarspot, it has been so beneficial this winter for me during the dark mornings. I have recommended it to lots of people and I hope you will get some response.

    Kind Regards

  9. Spike H, Brixham says:

    Just to let you know that the installation has been completed and we are 110% satisfied.
    It is amazing how much difference it has made – and really has added a ‘wow’ factor….
    It produces so much extra daylight that every time I walk out of the room I go to switch off at the light switch!!!!
    Lee and his team were excellent – neat, tidy and very helpful.
    Best regards and thanks for the excellent service – will recommend you any time, and if you have any potential customers in the area that wish to see an installation they would be welcome to come and look.

  10. Ted C, - Porthcawl says:

    Thank you for all your effort,advice and efficiency, regarding the Solarspot System..
    I have attached a photograph of the kitchen after the installation by Andrew.
    We are very pleased, we can now go into the kitchen in the daytime without having to turn a light on.
    It was a pleasure to meet Andrew and have such a competent person to carry out the work.and I will put these comments on his web site. If you ever wanted anyone to come to our place to see the installation, just let me know.
    Thank you and Best Regards Ted

  11. Pauline L, Fakenham, Norfolk says:

    I thought I’d just let you know how pleased I am with my solar tube! Lee (Norwich-based installer) was really good at the installation and I would be happy to recommend him.

  12. Brian B, Caterham says:

    First impressions are that our landing and stairwell has been rejuvenated with daylight even on the dull afternoon on which it was fitted. There was no disturbance to the decor or ceiling and I was very impressed with the fitters’ professionalism. Can’t wait for our first sunny morning! Thanks again for your help and input.
    Best Regards, Brian.

  13. Dave G, Birmingham says:

    We’ve been pleasantly surprised actually – we had expected that it would be good, but thought that the ‘after’ pictures on the advertising material might look so bright because of the contrast when taking the photo.
    As it happens it simply is that bright – it provides more light for the hallway than if we were to have a window in there I think. It turned out to be a wise decision to go for the larger pipe as it provides good lighting even when it’s gloomy or twilight outside.
    What really proves how effective it is at pulling the light in though is night time, when you see a glow coming from it just from the streetlights (which are not directly visible from that part of the
    roof) and the starlight!
    It really has made the world of difference to our hallway, transforming it from a dark hole into a far more welcoming space.
    As for the installer, he was really very good – he contacted us the day before to confirm we were still good to go, as well as advising us of his arrival time. He then turned up exactly when he said he would, got the job done very quickly and tidily and was very amiable and professional.

    Regards, David G

  14. Just wanted to send you a quick email to say how pleased we are with the solar tubes! They have made a huge difference to the amount of light in both rooms and are also very neat, leaving no repair work to be done at all.

    I would also like to add a word of praise for the company who fitted them – ‘Happy Home Property Maintenance’ (Ian, Dave and Colin). They were friendly and cheerful, completely professional and carried out the work with very little disruption to ourselves and no mess at all. You couldn’t really ask more of builders!
    Kind regards


  15. Tom G, South Lanarkshire, Scotland says:

    Hi, Chris,

    We are very pleased with the installation of the two sunpipes. Both are doing the job we expected of them. Your service was good as was that of Chris Lennox who installed the units. We did speak to your competitors but came to the decision that, overall, we preferred “Solarspot”. Your price was not the lowest but not significantly different to others. We would recommend you and Chris Lennox to others.

    Kind regards,

    Tom G

  16. Jeannine & Colin R, Norfolk says:

    “We decided to fit a Solarspot sun pipe after being so disappointed with the flexible tube that was fitted when our extension was built. After some research and discussions with Chris, we chose Solarspot and hoped that we had made the right decision. The sun pipe was installed by my brother (not a professional builder / fitter, just a very competent DIYer). The measuring and preparation was tricky as we have extensive plumbing in the roof space, solar panels and double extension roof cutting in to the main roof.

    “However, once we had calculated the correct angled bends etc and ordered the parts, the installation was relatively straightforward for a novice sun pipe fitter!

    “And, goodness me, we could not believe the difference! It is fantastic! It’s like having a large window in the room (which has none at all!). Even first thing in the morning when the sun is on the opposite side of the house, there is light in the room, right until the sun sets, whereas there is nothing from the flexible one, which we did not remove.

    “I would wholeheartedly recommend having a Solarspot sun pipe, and can say that we are absolutely delighted with ours. Definitely worth every penny!”

    Jeannine & Colin R, Norfolk

  17. Pat and Mike, Leicestershire says:

    We have just had a Solarspot installed in our kitchen, and it has certainly exceeded our expectations.
    After having an extension built at the rear of our bungalow the lighting in the kitchen was dismal and we needed eight small spotlights on at all times when working in there.
    Now with just the one Solarspot we don’t need any lights on during daylight hours even on a dull day the room is now full of natural bright light.
    Andy the fitter arrived when he said and did the fitting with no mess and no fuss.
    we really feel that we chose well.
    Pat and Mike

  18. Kathryn W, Long Eaton says:

    Hello Chris, our Solarspot is finally installed and is amazing. I can’t believe the light we get through it, even on a seriously dull day like today. I have been showing everyone and I already have someone who is a friend of our plasterer coming to look. The house is a bit of a tip as we are on the home straight of our build but still have bare brickwork and stuff, but the Solarspot glows away without a care in the world. Even during the night it is lit as it catches the moon! Anytime you would like us to act as ‘viewers’ for you I am happy for prospective purchasers to come along and see it.
    Many, many thanks for such a wonderful product, great people, the personal touch and excellent service.
    Best wishes,

  19. Alex K. Winchester says:

    Hi Chris,

    We finally got around to redecorating our landing after the guys came a few months ago to fit the two D38 Solarspots.

    I wanted to send through the before and after pics as promised, now that we have new light fittings, paint, carpets etc.

    You’ll remember that we removed old fashioned glass fan-lights above the interior doors upstairs, plastered over them and realised that we’d be left with no natural light upstairs. We then investigated solutions and we’re really happy we picked the Solarspots option to give some natural light in our landing without having to have lights turned on during the day. The guys fitted them in 5hrs and did a fab job on the roof and in the attic.

    The units look great and are always a talking point among friends and family who visit. We don’t need our lights in the landing until well in to the evening, and having 2 also helps light up the downstairs hall.

    Thanks again and all the best.

  20. Samantha C. Slough, Berks says:

    I am absolutely thrilled with the sun tunnel and am amazed at the amount of light that it has brought into our small and previously dark landing area. It has been relatively overcast this morning so I can only imagine what it will be like on a clear, sunny day. Looking at the before and after pictures that you sent me, I presumed that they had been touched up by photoshop to slightly exaggerate the results. I now know that isn’t the case as I’ve seen the transformation in my own home.

    I did a bit of initial research when I started thinking about a sun tunnel and came across your company as well as a couple of others. I found a thread on a popular consumer forum in which people talked positively about your company so I thought I’d get in contact. From our first conversation I was struck by how knowledgeable and helpful you were, with absolutely no pressure to commit to making a purchase. You made the process sound easy and it has been.

    The fitters that you recommended arrived on time, were friendly and polite and completed the work promptly. We’ve also had a light fitting installed for nighttime use so they made sure I understood how to access the fitting in order to change the bulb.

    Thank you for everything.


  21. Su A-B, Chester says:

    When I had a sun tunnel fitted In my kitchen, a few years ago, I thought it was really good and so recently decided to have one put in my hall. I was soon disappointed to find that the company who did my kitchen tube had gone out of business.
    When I contacted your company, it was with some trepidation that I ordered one and hoped that it would be as good as my other one. To my absolute amazement, I soon realised that yours was much, much better – as you had told me it would be. It was so good that I have now had my original one replaced with one of yours and I am now so happy that the other company went out of business, only because I would not have had the beautifully lit kitchen and hall that I now have. Many thanks for your help and for sending your brilliant fitter, Andy.

    Take care


  22. John C. South East London says:

    …we are both extremely happy with it, and I must say, so were the tradesmen who fitted our bathroom and were invited to return to see it after it had been fitted with the help of our plasterer, who together with his wife, with whom he works, as she is an electrician, were even considering having one for the area in their home that they use as their office.
    We decided to fit the Solarspot after watching a Grand Designs programme where a lady took decisions to have things done when others were doubting or advising against her plans and in the end they were saying her decisions were right and how wonderful the building and fittings looked.
    We often walk past even now thinking someone has ‘left the light on’, and of course today the sunlight is pouring in. WONDERFUL !
    As we say to people who see it, WE consider it to be “probably the best £450 we have ever spent”.
    John C.

  23. Leonard and Agnes P. Bolton says:

    Hello Chris,

    We had 2 Solarspot D-38s fitted two days ago in our kitchen, and previously looking at your company’s leaflet I naively though that the pictures had been “touched up” but you can imagine my response when fully installed. First I was shocked, surprised and highly delighted by the result. Your product has exceeded all our expectations – the kitchen is now the brightest room in the house. I will finish now by telling you that the fitter “Andrew” did an excellent job completing the work. He was courteous, efficient and very tidy. His performance compliments you excellent product., I wish you both continued success.

    Leonard and Agnes P. Bolton

  24. Mrs R - Sheffeild says:

    This email is just to let you know that I have finally got the Solarspot installed and I must say that it is brilliant. My friends have been in and have given really good comments on it, saying how bright it is. It is just like having a light on, it is that bright even when dull outside.
    The service and delivery was very good.

  25. Ted M - Lincs says:

    Dear Sirs
    I am writing to thank you for the recent installation of the Solarspot system here at our home in Lincolnshire. My wife and I are very pleased with the result, as the light gained has completely transformed what was a very dark stairwell. Previously only a little natural light was available via the part glazed external door which, itself, is overshadowed by tall hedging close by on our neighbour’s property.
    Your system solved the problem with flying colours.

    The service provided by your company was friendly and efficient.
    Equally, your installation contractor was very friendly, considerate, and good at his job.

    All in all, a great job, and we will not hesitate to recommend.

    Yours sincerely –
    Ted M.

    PS – We have ordered a second system to bring natural light into our bathroom!

  26. Paula & David S. - Lincs says:

    Hi Chris, hope you are well. I bet you don’t get many complaints regarding your sun tubes but i’m afraid i have to. My wife is complaining that there is such a lot of light in the bathroom, it’s showing lots of cobwebs that weren’t visible before. Seriously, the tubes have transformed the bungalow into a completely different property. The dark, dismal feel has gone, it’s now bright, airy, the light is natural, it’s a more enjoyable place to be in. I feel this is a massive step forward in renovating the bungalow into a more welcoming place to live, it will also give us more choice when it comes to decorating those areas, especially the bathroom tiles.
    I have sent two pictures, one of the passage, one of the bathroom, digital images don’t do it justice but it will give you an idea as to the effect the light is having.
    Andrew is a nice person, very helpful with explaining things, and good at his job, you can’t fail to like him. I will be billing you for his tea and coffee.
    My wife has mentioned having the en-suite done at some point, needless to say you will be getting a phone call.
    Many thanks for making this “project” painless, that’s not always the case when you have a job done.

    David S.

  27. Terry H, Bordon, Hants says:

    We are really pleased with the installation, the difference it has made to the bathroom is unbelievable. It has changed it from being like a cave into a normal room. I would not have believed it would make such a difference. Money well spent.

    Also a big thank you to Scott for the quick efficient and tidy installation, he made it look so easy.

    Many thanks,

    Best regards,


  28. Richard D, Ormskirk says:

    Hi Chris,

    Just a quick note to say that the installation is now complete and that my wife and I are both delighted with the result!
    The performance of the Solarspot is excellent. Every time we go in the room we think someone has left the light on!
    I would also say that Andrew could not have been better. The work was carried out in a totally neat and professional manner with all rubbish cleaned away tidily. I would have no trouble recommending both him and yourselves to anyone.


  29. Denise B, Didcot says:

    Just wanted to say thanks to you and Andrew of Norflo. The ordering and fitting of our D25 Solarspot could not have been easier. Of all the home improvements that we have had this has been the most pleasant experience. Andrew fitted the system really quickly and with the minimum of mess and was a pleasure to have in our house. The system is excellent and comes highly recommended as does the service provided by Chris and Andrew!

    Thank you,

    Denise B.

  30. Keith says:

    Like a lot of bungalows, our central passageway was very gloomy with little natural light entering.

    I carefully researched the best designs of light tubes and concluded that Solarspot gave the best light transmission effect.

    Even so, we were completely amazed at the wonderful daylight effect – even better than I expected. I find myself reaching for a non-existent switch to turn off during daytime. This is for an installation on a north-facing roof on a dull overcast day.

    They even bring in enough starlight on a clear night to navigate the passageway without lights.

    The fitter, Andy, was first rate, completing the installation of two units in the day, and was extremely pleasant and kept the working area clean the whole time.

    I anticipate having further installations, and have no hesitation in considering only Solarspot.

  31. Ian R, Bakewell says:

    Everything went well, Andy did a sterling job in quick time with no mess and we were well satisfied. The results are as you said, the light level is far better than was there before, even at night if there is a good moon we do not need a light on. So we are well satisfied on all counts.

    Best wishes,


  32. Paula R - Newcastle says:

    Hi Chris
    The daylight is totally amazing, I’m speechless, and that doesn’t happen very often. It looks like I have a new bathroom, never ever seeing it in daylight. I’ve been in every hour on the hour to check out the lighting. I’m extremely impressed. My husband, who doesn’t get excited, is gob smacked.
    Thank you once again for your invaluable help, will certainly recommend you and your product to all who wants to listen.
    Much regards
    Paula R.

  33. David K - Nottingham says:

    We can’t believe the difference it has made. We keep showing off to visitors by putting a round tray over it to show what it was like before.

    I’ve also left very positive fedback on Andrew’s (NorfloDaylight) website – clean, extremely efficient & nice to have around.
    Thanks for an excellent product and service.

    The verdict is ABOSULTELY SUPERB!!!!!!

    With kind regards David K

  34. Tracy G - Dewsbury says:

    Hi Elaine
    Just thought I would give you some feedback. I am really pleased with my Solarspot it has given me the light I so wanted. As you know it took us 7 months to finally make the decision as we had already purchased a Velux system that was less than useless.
    Also Andrew worked through really bad weather conditions to complete a really good job.
    I would definitely recommend them
    Regards Tracy

  35. Gill P, - Suffolk says:


    We did the video today and uploaded to You Tube

    I think it shows people the big impact

    See the link below



  36. Allan J - Benfleet says:

    The Solarspot is in. I have to say it is already exceeding my expectations and it is working really well. The landing area is completely different and so much brighter than before it was fitted. The installation also seemed to be quite easy as it was fitted and installed in a day.
    So from this end I am very pleased with the Solarspot product and the effective improvement we are seeing in our house.

  37. Mr & Mrs H, Aberdeen says:

    The illumination we get from the sun tunnel is excellent and much better than expected – we only wish we had installed a solarspot sun tunnel sooner. The illumination obtained from the light bulb (via the electric light kit fitted in the sun tunnel) is also much better than before (for the same bulb). I would happily recommend a solarspot sun tunnel to others considering one.
    Also, your response to my initial enquiry has been far superior to Velux’s and this is one of the reasons we have chosen to go with you.

  38. Margaret, T - Ashington, Northumberland says:

    Good afternoon Chris.

    I’m very happy to say that our suntube is now fitted and we are both amazed at the amount of light that is coming through into our bathroom. Thank you for recommending Ross to us, he and his son both worked well and are tidy workers.

    Thank you once again for your help and advice and supplying this product to us.

    Margaret Tilbury

  39. Geoff - Haslington, Crewe says:

    Hi Chris

    I fitted the Solarspot last Saturday, with the help of a local roofer, and am very pleased and impressed with the difference it has made. I have attached some photos for you showing the before, after and roof location of the flashing. Even though its on a North facing gable it will pick up a lot more light in the summer as we have put it as close to the top of the gable as possible.
    Once again thanks for all your help.


    Geoff Boyd

  40. Arthur M, Basingstoke says:

    Hi Chris

    As you may recall before we decided to use Solarspot I did a lot of research, reading, talking and looking at all the various brands to see which I thought was the best for us.

    After speaking to you and reading all your literature it became very clear that Solarspot was a clear leader and stood head and shoulders above the opposition, a position which I believe has been confirmed by your competitors who in all their many performance comparisons with other companies always excluding ‘Solarspot’. It was as if Solarspot didn’t exist, or they wish you didn’t………..

    It is now two weeks since Scott fitted the Solarspot D-25 in our en-suite and it has all exceeded our expectations. Our only one grumble is that we are still trying to turn the light off……….

    Kind regards

    Rita & Arthur

  41. Susan says:

    We are very pleased with our Solarspot. After googling to find a supplier of course you are overwhelmed with companies but we certainly made the right choice. I emailed the measurements to Chris at Solarspot and he reassured me about what we should have. The delivery of the system came on the day it should, being kept up to date by text, on the timing.
    Andrew from Norflo who fitted the product was great and certainly knew his stuff.
    We are in a bungalow and chose to have the Solarspot in the rather dull hallway, what a difference, its unbelievable, without a doubt its worth the money, as somebody else has said you feel that you have left a light on.
    Everything went off from start to finish without a hitch, for this reason alone I recommend Chris from Solarspot ltd and Andrew form Norflo.

  42. After suffering the too hot/too cold syndrome of my conservatory I decided to have a new lightweight tiled roof, I loved it, it made so much difference, and looked great too, but i could have cried when I saw how dark it had made my kitchen.

    I was traumatized. I love lots of light, so I knew I had to do something. I could not cope with this darkness, it was so depressing, so I googled how to put light into a dark room. I came across the natural lighting daylight systems. After reading about all the various systems I chose Solarspot, as they seemed to come out on top with all the reviews.

    So pleased I chose this company. Everything ran smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.
    The results were great my dark gloomy kitchen, is now back to its former degree of light, if not slightly brighter.

    I cannot fault this company,or indeed the fitter who fitted the system,(Andrew from Norflo).

    He was a good worker,and got the job done quickly and efficiently.

    So thank you Chris from Solarspot, and Andrew from Norflo,I will have no hesitation in recommending you both.

    Sheila Edwards. (Barnsley, South Yorkshire)

  43. Jenny Sussex says:

    Fantastic! What a difference these two units have made to my dark and dreary kitchen. We have a 12′ high ceiling so there was never any question of self-installation (I don’t like heights!). Scott and his assistant arrived promptly and carried out a sterling job with minimal disruption and in very short time. I have to keep the blinds drawn in the kitchen owing to the existence of an ugly shed which stands on the other side of the fence next door and taunts me with it’s loose and flapping roofing and greying boards extending above the fence line. I no longer need to worry about it as I can keep the blinds down now without having to worry about the additional electricity required to make kitchen navigation safer. Every time I go into the room I think the lights have been left on and chide my other half.

    All in all this has been a brilliant (no pun intended) improvement to our house. Thanks you so much.

  44. John C. says:

    I have had a Solarspot tube fitted to provide light to a particularly dark landing. The results are truly spectacular and like others before me I am more than happy to endorse the product. The installation was carried out quickly and efficiently in 4 hours. I have no hesitation in recommending this product.

  45. Derek T. Bristol. Notts says:

    In our bungalow kitchen it had become customary during the day for my wife and I to switch on lights prior to preparing or cooking food, however, since the installation of our Solarspot tube, the kitchen has been transformed. Electric lighting is no longer needed during the day, and the introduction of diffused light has given a gloomy kitchen an amazing face-lift. A great product!
    Thanks to Elaine Bailey at Solarspot for her help, and also for recommending Andrew Booton for the installation.
    Andrew carried out the installation with minimal disruption. It was a quick, neat, tidy job, and a pleasant experience to deal with such a competent installer.

  46. Alan B. Notts says:

    Andrew from Norflo seems to have done a really good job. It has made a terrific difference to the study. The lounge is not so dramatic as it is a much bigger area and captures more natural light particularly in the summer. However it has made a noticeable improvement particularly late afternoon and early evening. I expect we shall really see a difference in the winter.

    Andrew impressed me with his professionalism and commitment. I would certainly recommend him to other prospective clients.

    Thanks for all your help.



  47. Carol Ann - Edgbaston says:

    Our Solarspot was installed yesterday by Andrew of NorfloDaylight, and I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and advice with the order. We are delighted with the result, as it finishes off the new bathroom perfectly, making the room really bright and welcoming.

    Thank you once again.

    Best wishes,
    Carol Ann

  48. Neil and Trudy - Wessex Sussex says:

    Just wanted to let you know Ian fitted the solarspot and we are absolutely delighted with the light it has given us in our shower room. Wonderful!!

    Thanks for your advice

    Kind regards
    Trudy & Neil N.

  49. Karen and Paul - Bury says:

    Wow!!!!! The light is amazing. Andrew did a fabulous job, quick, very tidy and very little disruption.
    So pleased. A superb job
    Many thanks
    Karen and Paul

  50. Kevin A. Cheltenham says:

    The Solarspot daylight system has transformed a dark interior bathroom space into a room with as much light as any other room in the house that has an outside window. We are delighted with the result.
    Kevin and Catherine

  51. Maurice A. Sleaford says:

    Hi Chris,

    We have had time to see the results of the Solarspot during all sorts of weather: both very good and very poor. The results are excellent, much better than we thought, even on a dismal day. We should have had one of your systems installed in the first place; thus saving money on purchasing a flexi system which is only about 10% effective when compared with the Solarspot.

    Best wishes

  52. Jen & John H - Newark says:

    Fitting the Solar spot has made a HUGE difference to our dark hall – we keep feeling we need to switch the light off! Just what we had hoped for.

    Andrew from Norflo did a first class job. He is a pleasant, efficient and tidy worker – leaving no mess or redecoration needed. Highly recommended.

    Many thanks,


  53. Maurice A. Sleaford says:

    We downsized to a bungalow a couple of years ago and built a dining room extension off the kitchen. However, this made the East facing kitchen quite dark. After minimal research I fitted a flexible light tube and, although there was some improvement, my wife wanted more light. I carried out more detailed research on this occasion and found Solarspot; I discussed my requirement with Chris, who was most helpful, and he recommended the D-38 with Andrew Booton to carry out the installation. The system was installed by Andrew in a morning and we are very pleased with the result, especially my wife; it is much, much brighter than the flexible system and has lit up our dining area in the kitchen. Andrew was very efficient and tidy during the installation, and is a very competent installer. He is easy to get on with and is a very agreeable and pleasant man. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Solarspot system, and, in particular, Andrew Booton as the installer.

    Many thanks once again. I wish I had fitted the Solarspot system in the first place.

  54. Peter C - Salisbury says:

    Thank you very much for the excellent job. It is pleasing to have such a good clean job done. We are delighted with the results.


    Peter and Brenda C.

  55. Rita E says:

    We would just like to let you know that we are really pleased with our new solarspot ‘windows’.
    We returned from holiday to find we now have a dining room we can use – without having to put the lights on! They have transformed the room from a dark inside room with no natural light into a bright, welcoming room.
    We weren’t too optimistic about the amount of light that would be generated as they were being wall mounted on a north facing wall, with our neighbour’s pine end wall only a metre away!
    But they have worked out brilliantly.
    Thank you!


  56. Cristina M. - Worthing says:

    The Solarspot sun pipes are finally fully installed and THEY ARE AMAZING! The are almost too bright to look at. The kitchen is now so light, not dark and gloomy, as it used to be. Honestly, it’s even better than we expected…

    Many thanks for arranging the installation for us. Ian and his mates were very polite and cheerful, and very tidy. Nice guys!

  57. John M - West Yorkshire says:

    The installation went well and it has transformed the dark bottom of the stairs and the dining hall. Your product has drawn favourable comment from our joiner who fitted the kitchen and is now about to alter the staircase and front door. He wasn’t aware of any other product than Velux which he said certainly didn’t let in the same light intensity. I’m very happy with it and will recommend to other friends who also have dark areas in their houses.

    Best Wishes


  58. Chris & Sheila - Kettering says:

    Just a brief note to express our delight with the Solarspot install. The results are truly “night and day”, the system and the quality of the workmanship are “top drawer”. Indeed it is breath of fresh air to experience the sort of true customer care and real value for money provided on this occassion.
    We have no hesitation in recommending your systems and services to anyone seeking a good job well done

  59. Dawn B, Buckingham says:

    Andy (from NorfloDaylight) has done a brilliant job. After a bad experience with a competitor I have had the absolute opposite experience with Andy. Our roof has a particularly steep pitch and he took the trouble to travel to do a full survey and reassure us that the job could be done easily. This was fulfilled and I am delighted with the result.
    The Solarspot has made a huge difference to hall, stairway and landing.

  60. Chris and Chris J. ( Somerset ) says:

    One of the best decisions we have ever made, was to have two Solarspot Tubes installed in our property. one in our stairwell and landing area which has always been extremely dark , also one in our en-suite bathroom, where there was no natural light.
    Andrew of Norflo (Solarspot installer) has done a first class job installing the Solarspot Tubes , we find it quite refreshing having these areas flooded with natural daylight now.
    Many, many ,many thanks to Andrew for a neat and tidy job and also to Chris Taffs of Solarspot for recommending Andrew Booton to carry out the work.

  61. John H - Yorkshire says:

    I am reliably informed by those who know me that I am cynical and I must admit I am when it comes to advertising claims. After some ongoing discussions with my wife and a year or two of inertia, we finally decided to do something about our dark stairs and landing so, after some internet research, we came across Solarspot. Even to my jaundiced eye, their claims seemed somewhat optimistic to say the least. Nevertheless we phoned up and ordered an appropriate system. Because we would be away for a week or so, they agreed to delay delivery until after we arrived home. True to their word, the boxes duly arrived on the date specified with texts the day before and on the actual day from the couriers letting us know the estimated times of delivery which were adhered to.
    I had previously spoken to Mick Jackson, the installer, who had accurately assessed our requirements and he gave us a convenient date to come and fit the system. He said he would arrive at eight o’clock which he did. He was a complete revelation: from the outset he promised us we would be delighted with the results (inner doubts on my part naturally); he then laid dust sheets everywhere and just got on…… You would not even know he was there apart from when he had the regular cups of tea we supplied. For any future prospective clients, I must say he liked the mince pies and cake too!! The whole job was finished by two in the afternoon with no evidence he had been save a brilliantly lit stairs and landing.
    I might have to stop being so cynical!

  62. Martin Killion says:

    I’m now able to read my newspaper at the breakfast table without having to turn on any light. Yes, I’ve had your Solarspot System installed in the long, and formerly dark dining area of my kitchen/diner. Your approved installer Jon Stokes completed the work in a very professional manner in one day, and even though it was a winter afternoon the improvement was incredible. I would recommend both your product, and Jon Stokes, to lighten up your life.

  63. P Staley, Argyll says:

    I thought you might like know that our installation of your D 38 system has been successfully completed, although only with some difficulty. The problem has been caused by the construction of this bungalow, resulting it being not possible to achieve the shortest possible route for the tube, nor to follow your recommended procedure. The nature of the roof dictated where the flashing could be placed, so to connect to the ceiling position desired required the use of multiple angles connected together (meaning a very “cranked” tube). However, the result has been more than satisfactory, I would describe it as outstanding. This far north we are sometimes a little short of sun, and grey skies and low cloud are not uncommon. In spite of this the light now reaching the dark corner of our kitchen is excellent, and when the sun does shine – startling. Congratulations on a system that really does work. .

    • Chris Taffs says:

      Hi Peter
      Thanks for your comments – and for sticking with it. There’s a misconception that rigid systems can only be employed for very simple installations – you’ve shown this to be wrong, and with the right configuration of angles it is possible to complete some extremely convoluted systems.
      Fortunately most installations are much more straight forward, requiring only one or two angle sections.
      We’re delighted to hear that you feel that the effort is more than worthwhile and thanks for taking time to contact us to share your experience.

  64. Tony and Elaine - Nr Peterborough says:

    ‘Delighted to report that Brian has finished the installation of the light tube and the results are great are, and it’s not even bright sunshine so we are very happy.’

  65. Susan F, Hants says:

    It has made such an improvement to my home and friends have made many favourable comments on how different my hallway is now and visitors have often asked about the lighting and are very impressed – eco friendly and all that ! It is quite amusing because people come to me and say they cannot find out how to turn the light off !!

  66. Richard E from Eastbourne, Sussex says:

    We are very pleased with the end results… The effects are quite dramatic!

  67. Karen from Essex says:

    Fantastic. Keep thinking I have left the light on. Fitted within four hours with no mess. Definitely recommend it.

  68. Ralph J - Milton Keynes says:

    It is such a pleasure to be able to walk into our bathroom in daylight. The Solarspot has made it so much more pleasurable to relax while having a bath or shower. The installation was completed with a minimum of disruption and no mess to clear up afterwards.

  69. Malc & Miriam - Steeple Claydon, Bucks says:

    Miriam and I are delighted with the overall result which has transformed a dark area of our kitchen into one which is bathed in natural light throughout the day.

  70. Peter Lewis - Chester says:

    My wife and I are delighted with the Solarspot tube we have just had expertly installed by Mick Jackson (Surefix). Our internal bathroom is now bathed in lovely natural daylight whereas previously it was pitch dark when the door was closed. There is even just enough light coming through at midnight to allow the use of the wash hand basin. The Solarspot product has exceeded our expectations. It is a quality product and highly effective in transmitting daylight into our bathroom. We have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone looking to naturally illuminate a room or area.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Peter
      Thanks for your comments. It’s great to hear that the Solarspot is even better than you thought it would be. We know that it’s a great product so it’s always good to get this view confirmed by our customers.

  71. Gail - Notts says:

    Wow. We are in the process of adding a two storey full width rear extension to our property and the shower room has become an internal room, so we have added a D25. If I am honest, I was perhaps a little sceptical as to how much light the D25 would give – it is true- initially I was trying to switch the light off when I left the room as the D25 is so bright! (As were our plumbers and builders who are also suitably impressed!) We have also added a D38 to a two storey galleried landing, open plan area which already has two large windows, and are very pleased with the outcome. The difference the D38 makes is especially noticeable on a dull day and it ‘feeds’ light into the first floor bedroom and kitchen and lounge below. The customer service and attention to detail from Chris and Elaine is also second to none and seems to be a rarity these days. Keep up the good work guys! Many thanks for your assistance throughout.

    • Chris says:

      Wow… thanks for the great comments and feedback. It would be great to see some pictures of the installation (when you’ve finished all of the decorating:-)

  72. Stephen Taylor says:

    My problem was to convert an ordinary domestic room with only
    average daylight into a temporary studio for oil painting. A Solarspot
    was installed over the painting area and the change; well, just fantastic.
    There’s now a pool of daylight round the whole work area and I can
    see small differences between dark colours on the canvas
    even on a cloudy day – so I can work whenever I want to.

  73. Chris says:

    Thanks for your comments Stephen.
    And if you’d like to see some of Stephen’s amazing paintings you can visit http://www.stephentaylorpaintings.com for more information

  74. Mr & Mrs S. - Liverpool says:

    Would just like to thank you and your excellent installer (Mick from Surefix) regarding the supply and installation of 2 Solarspot systems. The light given out by the systems is very impressive and has totally brightened our dark areas. Would recommend your company to anyone thinking about improving natural light within their premises.

  75. Stephen - Malvern Worcestershire. says:

    Had a Solarspot D-25 installed in an upstairs hall with no windows. We are very pleased with the result. We keep thinking we have left the light on. The installation went smoothly as he took his time to get it right first time.

    Many thanks

  76. Stephen Linwood says:

    2 Solarspots fitted in hall and results are very impressive. Excellent product combined with excellent customer support service.

  77. Teresa - Sunderland says:

    Re installation in my home office.

    I can’t believe the difference the Solarspot has made.

    It is now a pleasure to work in here during the day and no need to put a light on!! In fact we keep thinking a light has been left on. I would recommend Solarspot to anyone who is seeking natural light and have already passed your details onto 2 people so far.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard from us in a couple of months for a flat roof kit for our kitchen.

    Thanks again


  78. After instructing my builder to source and install a Solarspot D-25 into my hallway, I left it up to him to do the rest. Much to my suprise when he had completed the installation i was most disapointed with the result. I had a dimly lit hallway, when I was expecting a bright and cheerful one.
    I was straight on the phone to Solarspot to tell them of my dismay.
    They were as suprised as I was, and upon further investigation assured me they had not sold a system to my builder. I confronted the builder with this information and he said “no it ws too expensive, I brought a flexible one”. Well no wonder, I had investigated the different systems on the market and decided on Solarspot because of the BRE test report . I made my builder take the thing out and replace it with a Solarspot, and now, well it’s amazing, I can’t not believe the results and the difference that there really is between a flexible system and the Solarspot system.
    Thank you to Chris and Elaine for all their help. I really am a very happy customer.

  79. Susie W. Milton Keynes says:

    ‘Amazing’ had solarspot D-25 fitted to my bathroom, which was a black hole, no windows.
    Just getting used to NOT switching light ‘ON’ when I leave the room – so bright.

    Firstclass job of installation, very friendly and helpful throughout. (Expect the Bacon rolls helped!, my pleasure).

    Thanks Chris and the team

  80. Diana and Tony - Notts says:

    ‘Has to be seen to be believed ‘, the difference a D38 Solarspot makes to our kitchen. With light from only one window, and north facing, the end of the room away from the window was always rather dim, needing a small spot-light over the kitchen table. Now we no longer need this. And yes, it does look as though someone has left the lights on! Our unit was very speedily and efficiently installed by Andy of Norflo Services despite our roof having old pantiles, which Andy says are his least favourite. So we are very delighted. If you have a dark hall, landing, kitchen or anywhere you always need artificial light during the day, find out what a Solarspot could do for you

  81. Sue S - Birmingham says:

    We are absolutely delighted with the latest Solarspot. We wish that we’d had them both years ago as they have transformed the two areas of the house. I have even had a new kitchen sink, which is much larger than the previous one, as I no longer mind washing up in that part of the kitchen.

    May we say again how much we liked having Andy working in house, knowing that he is doing a great job.

    We would be happy to recommend Andy and your company to anyone.

  82. We have just installed a D25 Solarspoton our landing having come across this company at the Home Builders Show at the NEC. We are absolutely thrilled with the result, what was a dark space at the top of the stairs is now flooded with natural daylight. We are happy for Chris, Elaine and team to put other potential clients in touch with us if they want to see what a good quality light tube can do. Thank you!

  83. Malcolm B - Grimsby says:

    Hi, just had a Solarspot D-38 fitted in my kitchen. The light from it is fantastic, even on dull days. It is far better than the one in the dining room we had fitted 10 year`s ago.

  84. Malcolm M - Peterborough says:

    I spent some time reviewing and comparing different systems. I decided on SOLARSPOT because of their Customer Service and the particular attention afforded by Chris Taffs. The price for a tube system was by far the best and the installation carried out by a local tradesman’s, recommended by SOLARSPOT, was fantastic. The difference to the hall is quite frankly remarkable. Its like having the lights on all the time, which is what we used to have to do. I keep checking the light switch just to make sure. I would recommend this system type to anybody looking to light up that dark hallway, corridor or area of the house that needs natural light.

    Thank you SOLARSPOT
    Malcolm M – Peterborough

  85. Malcom B - Grimsby says:

    we are very happy with sun tube… it has made a big difference to our Kitchen

  86. Michael and Diane - Northumberland says:

    We’ve just had two Solarspot D-38 systems installed in our kitchen, replacing sun tiles. You said we would be amazed at the difference… and we are!

    They have transformed what was often a gloomy space into a room that is a pleasure to eat and work in.

    The whole process from initial enquiry to installation was a breeze. We would highly recommend the product.

    Michael and Diane C.

  87. Jim & Marion - Ayr says:

    Hi Chris,
    A month on from fitting of our D38 system and we have had time to experience the amazing benefit we are getting. When it is a dull day we are experiencing a very light, bright room and when the sun shines the sunshine comes bursting into our room creating an a abundance of natural light. It has to be seen to be believed! The feel good factor of natural light has uplifted us and has enhanced the main room of our home.
    Friends who have visited find the difference astounding and cannot believe the light and the feel good factor created in the room.
    Once again thanks to you and your team and to Chris Lennox for the excellent fitting. We will certainly recommend you to our friends.
    Jim and Marion

  88. Marion and Jim, Ayrshire says:

    We are amazed and delighted with our new Solarspot D-38. The light is so bright and really is beyond any expectations we had.
    Chris Lennox did a first class job of the installation, and was friendly and most helpful with every aspect of the fitting to ensure we were completely satisfied. We are!
    Thank you for all your advice and time given which has made this a very easy and perfect solution to brighten up our sitting room.

  89. Gill Clarke says:

    We are thrilled with our new Solarspot in the living room, although we keep thinking we have left the lights on! It brightens the whole room and I can only add to other comments that Andrew from NorfloDaylight was very friendly and helpful throughout.

  90. Sue & David - Birmingham says:

    It is amazing. We really can’t believe the difference that it has made. Every time I went in there I thought that the light had been left on, and when I mentioned this to David he said the same.

    The whole process of obtaining the sun tunnel from my first ‘phone call to you, to having it fitted by Andy, was a dream. I wish everything that we have had done in the house was as easy as that. Andy was super – he was such a pleasant person to have working in the house. We will contact him ourselves to thank him but we’d like you to pass on our thanks as well, if you would, please.

    We asked him about the possibility of fitting one at the top of our very dark stairs so we’ll be in touch shortly about this.

    Thank you so much for your brilliant service. I shall recommend you to anyone who is thinking of having one.

  91. Paul J - Bedfordshire says:

    Familiar problem, stairs and landing with no natural light. Solarspot D-38 light pipe fitted in approximately 4 hours. Work carried out efficiently by friendly installers. Transformation remarkable! Stairs and landing now has light flooding in, the result is better than expected. All bedroom doors leading off the landing can now be left shut.
    Would recommend this solution to others with a dark area issue..

  92. Charlie J - Kirriemuir, Angus says:

    …The photographs (customer kindly sent a picture which is now in our gallery) will show clearly that the areas involved would lead normally to suggesting that, for example, a Solatube 290 DS should be adequate in size, and, for the purposes of general activity in the area, that would no doubt be correct; our objective, on the other hand, has not been to just generally brighten a dark area but to particularly raise the light level beyond that over a specific area, our dining table, at which we eat, read, and just live generally. The objective was to raise the natural light level over the dining table to as near that that is existing at the kitchen window and the conservatory windows. I pleased to report that our it is objective achieved, and that, for our purposes, the change from 290 size to D53 size for increased natural light intensity for reading and just for living will be appreciated each and every day.
    Thank you.
    Charlie J.

    PS. The word from Joy, my wife, is ‘Excellent!’

  93. Brian W - Rochdale says:

    Many thanks Chris for all the help you gave me when fitting this D38 system. I fitted this D-38 system in a kitchen extension which is west facing and low down behind the house so it does not get any sun light until about 9.30am, so the kitchen was always on the darkside except for really good summer days. It meant that we had to have the lights on vitually all of the time.
    This Solarspot D38 system has made a big difference and has made the kitchen much brighter hence I don’t need to put the lights on as much – all I can say is thanks.
    Brian W

  94. We are absolutely delighted with our D38 solar tube which was fitted on Wednesday 14th November 2012. It has been fitted in a north facing kitchen, which was very gloomy and dark. We cannot believe the difference! Even with a grey sky it is still creating natural light. It is so much brighter. Chris was very helpful with advise on ordering the system. Delivery of the system was very reliable. Mick from Surefix Daylight was our fitter, he was so polite and very efficient. we are so pleased and will definitely recommend Solarspot.

    Kind regards Diane and Paul
    Stalybridge, Cheshire

    ulStalybridge, Cheshire.

  95. Judith Ellis says:

    Our dining room had become quite dark after adding on a sun lounge with tiled roof. After our two Solarspot light tunnels were fitted it is now a much lighter, brighter room and we don’t need to put the light on during the day! J. Ellis

  96. John Ashby - Surrey says:

    Hi, just a quick note to thank Chris and Elaine for their help and cheerful advice, we installed the Solarspot light tunnels ourselves, and being the first time were a little stressed about cutting holes in the roof. But what with the great instructions supplied with the kit and pointers from Chris it was a breeze.
    The result was just WOW… the amount of light the tubes create is amazing!
    Thanks guys.
    John & Vanessa Ashby

  97. Peter G - East Yorks says:

    Amazing. Whenever we enter the kitchen, automatically reach to switch off the light.

    The difference is unbelievable. Items delivered on time and extra piece was dispatched to arrive inside 24 hours.

    Super efficient.

    Many thanks
    Peter G

  98. Arthur A - Isle of Wight says:

    Thank you for a wonderful and unbelievable product. The SOLARSPOT meets all expectations, Engenius Ltd, the installers on the Isle of Wight did the installation in under 4 hours, no mess, no problems at all. Highly recommended, both your product and Engenius Ltd.

    Cheers, Arthur A.
    Isle of Wight

  99. Heather S - Gloucstershire says:

    Just to say ‘thank you’ for the prompt way with which you have dealt with the re-imbursement of the Solarspot that was returned. It is so refreshing to find someone who is genuinly helpful!

    I had to kick the builders into touch yesterday, and it feels like such a relief! Now I can choose who I want to come in to work for me once more.

    The Solarspot on the stairs looks fantastic. With very many thanks for all of your help.

  100. Jacky Harris - Hampshire says:

    The light tube was installed today and instead of a bathroom that looked like a black hole I now have a proper room with daylight. Not only is the bathroom bright and more welcoming but the landing also looks brighter. I cannot express my total delight at the transformation. Besides the product being fantastic, the installer, Andrew Booton did a highly professional installation, was helpful and left the house very clean and tidy. To anyone thinking of a sun pipe I recommend Solarspot as being an extremely efficient source of light.

    I would also like to thank Chris of Solarspot for his help at the beginning of the project.


  101. Fred Barr - Northamptonshire says:

    I had two light tunnels installed in our bungalow recently and the difference it has made to the areas is amazing. The work was carried out to a very high standard and i would have no hesitation in recommending the product and service given.
    Fred Barr, Stanion, Northants.

  102. Graham Penny - N. Yorks says:

    From the moment I made contact with Chris he was most helpful by simply listening to my requirements. His knowledge of the products and installation made it easy for me to make my choice of having two D-38 Solarspot tubes fitted in the kitchen. The installation was carried out without a hitch, and when completed, any mess was cleaned away efficiently.

    I would not hesitate in recommending Syneco Ltd or its products.

  103. Dale Perkins - Kingston upon Thames says:

    I had a D-38 installed last week, the product is great and works amazingly well. I would highly recommend Solarspot and will be definitely using the product again in the future. The light the D-38 throws out in our hallway will definitely save me money in the long run.

    Dale Perkins

  104. john & Judith Berry says:

    We have had four D-25’s installed in our bungalow; bedroom, kitchen, lounge & garage. They work incredibly well and we are absolutely thrilled to bits with there effectiveness. A really great product !!

  105. Mr Stuart Gibson - Dronfield, S. Yorks says:

    Thank you for all the help you gave us in choosing our new Solarspot D-38 daylighting system.
    My wife and I are extremely happy with it and the amount of light it lets into the lounge / dining room.
    At times it looks as if a bright bulb in there and it needs switching off later. We also had the electric light fitted for the evening, when we go outside it shows up like a sputnic.
    We will certainly recommend the system.
    Many thanks Stuart.

  106. James Clark - Dunfermline, Fife says:

    Just to say I was so delighted with the solarspot D-38 I installed on the 10/7/2012 in my lounge that I decided to order and install a smaller D-25 in my kitchen.

    Again I found the installation straight forward and working on my own it took about 4 hrs to complete, not bad for a 68yr.old. It has earned me so many brownie points from the wife that I am going away for a weeks golf with three mates with her blessing.

    Once again this solarspot has transformed my kitchen and has been a very worth while investment.


    • Chris says:

      Thanks for the kind words Jim… And if it leads to more golf, then every one’s a winner!


  107. David Berry - Nottinghamshire says:

    We recently moved into this house – the old milking parlour. As pleased as we were to be adjacent to our daughter, our big misgiving was the darkness of the sitting room and kitchen – I think the milkmaids of yore must have been using night vision goggles! Our eldest son had installed light tubes in the past and was amazed at their effectiveness. Although we had not seen them we took his word and investigated purchase and installation. The winner of our research by a long way was Solarspot and the enthusiastic help of Chris. He recommended installer Andrew Booton and we went ahead. Like previous commentators, we were astonished at the difference the light tubes made – and Andrew made the fitting seem trouble and mess free. Many thanks to a good team – Chris and Andrew.

  108. J. Clark - Dunfermline says:

    For 14 years we have put up with very poor natural light in our sitting room. This was because, when building we had to retain the facade with low south facing windows. But since fitted a D-38 Solarspot on Friday 6th July our lounge has been transformed. Even without the benefit of any sunny days, the daylight flooding in is quite amazing and I have lost count of the number of times my wife has tried to switch the lights off, only to find they were not on in the first place. I can’t wait for a real sunny day.

    PS. Do not be fooled into buying one of those flexible systems as I have seen them installed and the light from them is so poor, and that was what put me off for so long. But having seen the specification for Solarspot I went ahead, and I now rate this as one of the best buys I have ever made.

  109. Howard Dowding - Woking says:

    The Solarspots recently installed in our north facing kitchen have made a big improvement to the light levels in the kitchen. Even on overcast days and at dusk the Solarspots seem to gather all the available light from the sky and funnel it down to the kitchen. Ray and Tom from Horizon Systems did an excellent installation job. We also had very good technical and logistical support from Chris Taffs of Solarspot UK who took a personal interest in the project.

  110. Harry Cernik - Bedfordshire says:

    We were amazed at what a difference the solarspot tube makes. At first I kept thinking I needed to turn the hall light off. The fitting only took a couple of hours and the fitter was very friendly and helpful. We wondered why we hadn’t done it before.It surpassed our expectations.

  111. Richard Eeles - Northants says:

    We are really delighted with our Solarspot tube, the transformation in our lounge is unbelievable. I am amazed that such a small unit can give so much light. The two fitters Ray and Tom from Horizon Systems were so polite and meticulous, and thanks to Chris from Solarspot UK who oversaw the operation. I will definitely be recommending the unit to others.

  112. Andrew P - Leamington Spa says:

    We had a solarspot fitted recently as our lounge was just too dark, even on a light day, due to the fact our south wall has no windows (it overlooks next door garden).
    Chris from SolarSpot and Andrew from Norflo Services (our fitter) have transformed it between them.
    I am typing this quite happily in the light from the tunnel whereas before fitting it I would have been putting the electric light on. At last we have a normal lounge.
    For info, our tube is around 6m long and comes from the roof, through the loft and through a wardrobe in an upstairs bedroom to give light in the lounge.
    We are having a single storey extension built this summer and will get a couple of the roof kits with electric dimmers fitted.
    Brilliant (excuse the pun) product.

    • Andrew Booton Norflo Services says:

      Thanks for the nice words, this shows that with our 99.7% Vegalux pipe we can run this distance and still out perform all our competition

  113. Joyce L - Letchworth, Herts says:

    Just to say that I’m absolutely delighted with the Solarspot unit installed by Andrew from Norflo last week. The system has completely changed the look of my bungalow hallway. I used to have to keep the doors open all day, otherwise it was always dark. The transformation is incredible, even on a cloudy day.

    Many thanks

    PS. It even works with moonlight!

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